Mitsubishi WD-73640 73-Inch 1080p Projection TV (2011 Model)

rate 4.4
  • Brand: mitsubishi
  • Category: TV

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With picture performance that outpaces today's smaller flat panels, Mitsubishi 3d dlp home cinema TVs offer a larger than life, intensely vivid 2d and fully immersive 3d viewing experience. this 73" Mitsubishi 3d dlp home cinema TV delivers incredible picture performance at an exceptional value, and completely defines the large screen 3d entertainment category. 

Technical Details
Brand Name Mitsubishi
Item Weight 90 pounds
Product Dimensions 17.9 x 65.5 x 43.8 inches
Item model number WD73640
Batteries: 2 AA batteries required. (included)
Color Name black
Specification Met Energy Star
  • The 73 Mitsubishi 3D DLP Home Cinema TV delivers incredible picture performance at an exceptional value
  • HDMI-PC Compatiblity
  • With picture performance that outpaces today's smaller flat panels
  • 3D TV (VESA Jack and DLP Link)


T. Richardson 5.0
35 of 37 people found the following review helpful
I can't say enough good things about this TV, I just LOVE it!! I didn't buy mine through Amazon, however, I am a dedicated customer and they get 98% of my business so I do feel compelled to share what I know, especially since as of right now, there is only 1 review for this magnificent item. I bought my Mitsubishi WD-73640 with the Pinnacle stand, the Logitech Keyboard with Google Revue and a Panasonic Blu-Ray player (with checkerboard output & 2-D up conversion ;}). It took me a little less tha ... n 30 minutes to assemble the stand. It's a great stand, heavy and sturdy, but enough of that!! My Mitsubishi is the BEST TV I've purchased to date and I've purchased several over the years. It gives a crisp clean, clear picture that is second to none. This truly is comparable to having a movie theater inside my living room!!! The 3-D is even BETTER than at the movies!! The speakers are awesome, not sure if I'll even need too add surround sound yet. It was 3-D ready directly out of the box, I didn't have to add any emitter or adapter. All you need is 3-D glasses and when you use active shutter DLP Link glasses, you don't need to buy anything else. My TV, Logitech Revue Google TV & my Panasonic Blu-Ray player (BDT-110) were ALL hooked up in less than 10 minutes. The Logitech keyboard and the Google revue are just priceless, I couldn't imagine not having them now that I do. This TV gets my highest recommendations (so does my Logitech Revue Google TV and Panasonic Blu-Ray player which I bought on Amazon)! UPDATE October 6, 2011: I just wanted to add that the colors that I see on my TV everyday are absolutely beautiful and very vivid! The action scenes are all extremely smooth and clear with absolutely NO pixelation or blurring occurring ever! We watch movie after movie after movie lol. Not many words to describe the 3-D experience.... YEP, it's THAT good!! No more theater, we're making full use of our home cinema and loving it!! More >
Greg Hopkins 5.0
25 of 26 people found the following review helpful
So I was going back and forth on purchasing this TV. The price and size were in the yay column, the rumors of white dots, unreliability, and poor picture were all in the nay column. So I went to my local electronics store to check one out for myself (good luck finding a store that carries them, they all try to push the super expensive slim models.) Anyway, I went to the store, and while the store was clearly running an SD signal through the display, I was still impressed with the picture. I co ... mpared it directly to a 70' in Sharp Aquos display that I was also considering. So, I pulled the trigger and purchased the Mitsubishi 73640. Now, when it was delivered the box was damaged (I was thinking the worst - NOTE: Did not purchase on Amazon, so dont fault them for damaged box delivery,) but I got the item unboxed and inspected for damage and all was well. I got the machine hooked up to a blu ray player, turned it on (it worked!,) and let me tell you, all I could say was WOW! In my few days with the television, here is a list of what I have found: Pros: 1. Display is beautiful, and gigantic. It is literally no different than being in a theater. In a natural setting, and after doing a little tweaking with avsforum's calibration disc, the picture looks photo realistic (not bright, gaudy, artificial, or pixelated as you see on many LCD tv's.) 2. Size. You cant hang this on a wall (I wouldnt anyway.) That being said, it really is not large, and it weights practically nothing compared to other models. 3. Sound is great. Very loud and clear. Decent bass. It wont replace a surround system, but it compares very nicely to my soundbar setup on another tv. 4. Price. One word. Unbeatable. 5. Viewing angles. I was expecting the worse here. However, for my purposes, the viewing angles are fine. You have to be sitting underneath the set, or way off to the side for display degradation to be present. 6. Gaming. I have been playing some battlefield 3 on the television, and there is NO INPUT LAG. This is always somewhat of an issue on LCD sets, but on this Mitsubishi it is not an issue AT ALL. My game has become markedly better since the upgrade. 7. Light and glare. I expected to have problems with daytime viewing in a lit room. I was wrong. The tv looks better at night in total darkness (what tv doesn't?,) but there really is no difference in the daytime between this and any other tv technology. Cons: 1. I am prepared to replace the bulb for $100 or less every few years. 2. I find that it is a dust magnet for some reason. Every morning light dust accumulates in the same geometric area on the screen and around the bezel, in a very uniform pattern. Unusual, but not a big issue. I really have put this television through the paces over the last few days, and coming from a 50" inch Panasonic Viera (Plasma,) I can say there is no competition between the two. The Mitsubishi wins hands down. None of the things I was worried about from reading and researching have been an issue at all. Either Mitsubishi has come a long way in its current generation of TV sets, or other TV manufacturers are running a smear campaign against better technology. This is the best TV I have purchased in my life, and I don't regret it at all. If I had purchased anything else, I would have been ripped off, that's how good this machine is. If you are thinking about buying this, check one out, and do make the purchase, there is no comparably sized TV on the market that is going to compete with this at anywhere close to the price. More >
Max H. Ray 5.0
10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
This is my 3rd Mitsubishi big screen..1st was a 40" that lasted 15 years..2nd was a 50" 12 years old and still had beautiful picture when I gave it away! I use an outdoor antenna (channel master #4228)I wish you could see the picture on this tv!! BEAUTIFUL!! I had the clerk hook up a pair of rabbit ears in the store and received 15 channels! That sold me! I'm 71 years of age and I have NO problem with the sound on this tv..I was dissapointed that my Sennheiser analog wireless phones are not supp ... orted by this tv..but we will be fine without them! I bought the Sony 3d blueray player bdps580 and the True Depth 3d glasses dlp..The 3d is FANTASTIC! All our regular dvd's just jump off the screen with this new player! Our tv plays on average 12 hours a day! We sit about 15 feet away..You can view from any angle and there is NO distortion..Even standing right in front of tv or on either side!! With the Blueray player you can access the internet-hula plus-vudu movies-netflix-all kinds of stuff! Be sure & buy the Pinnacle dlp tv stand..you will be glad you did!Its pretty easy to put together and It looks great! I believe you will buy DLP every time over Led & Plasma..If you set them side by side! I gave less for this 73"tv than I did the 50" 12 years ago! Would you believe $900 plus tax!? Don't forget your Trip Lite surge protector! and the HDMI cable for your Blueray player..get a good one! 2-20-12 update I bought WORTHLESS digital to analog converter boxes that do NOT work with this TV! I do have a Tivo Premier hook into this TV and the R/L Audio jacks work just fine for my Sennheiser HDR120 analog headphones! Funny thing is, Mitsubishi Tech support has not a clue on this transaction! Do yourself a favor and use the 2d depth setting for viewing all your tv programing as well as standard and blueray dvds..GO to settings on the tv..go to 3d viewing down arror to put a check mark by 2d depth..Exit// I can not say enough good things about this tv..It is just UNBELIEVEABLE!!!! PS I Also Have The ROKU.Com box hooked inline 5-27-12 update..the 3d is FANTASTIC..I use tru3d rechargeable and 3dlink battery glass's..I like the battery operated better..I believe the 3d is better than Imax NO problem using both brands at same time with NO emitter! Lots of 3d movies at wallyworld online and amazon..shop for best price,,20 pack of lithum by sony less than $5 amazon.. Update 2-24-13 ALL i needed was an AB switch box to use my head phones..When I watch anything through the tivo box or live tv..I use the A switch..When I watch through the blu ray player, I use the B switch! Cost me $4.00 Update 4-7-13 Connect your PC to your Big Screen..ALL you need is a HDMI male to a HDMI male cable long enough to go from PC to the Big Screen!! Must have a vacant slot on the PC and the TV..Must go to settings on tv and make sure the hdmi slot that you are using is highlighted..name it pc..then exit..May have to reboot your computer once connection is made..Select the program you want to watch on the pc & you should have same thing on your big screen..I get to watch a lot of shows, movies that I don't receive on my FTA antenna! Beautiful picture..hard to believe! I paid $13.73 for 30ft hdmi cable and FREE shipping! More >
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